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During one of her periscope’s, she and her husband further explain what their conversation with Tyler Perry was like.

During the conversation, Mo’Nique says that Tyler stated that he was shocked to learn just how little A-list African American actresses (Taraji P.

David says, ‘that wasn’t my experience it was incredible.

If you win it, your next film is -8 [million].’ I said ‘N*gga that’s why you ain’t called on me because you know I know the words you said.’ And then he said ‘When I really found out what the numbers were.’ I said “N*gga, I told you in Vegas, when you was running the numbers down to me, I said Tyler ‘you talking to a black woman. Me and you both know what this is.’” Although Taraji is a big face on primetime television and Tyler Perry was the first to pay her a fair wage for a film, Mo’Nique believes Taraji should still be making more money. Henson in my humble opinion, she should be the highest paid in Hollywood.

Because, when you lumped Mo’Nique in with the movie, that sounds a little bit different from you saying that you have a problem with Mo’Nique.’Sydney: He had issues with Lee Daniels and they were going back and forth.

Which we had shared with you last week, how Lee had called us up to say how he hated brother Tyler because he is trying to steal, as he put it so eloquently “my mothaf*ckin movie.” Then brother Tyler had called and said nothing as harsh but he said ‘I can’t stand Lee, but I have to admit that he’s talented in the midst of our conversations.’ So then Tyler shared, that by the time he got to Mo’Nique and then not promoting the movie he was fed up, so it didn’t really matter to him why she didn’t do it.

Regardless of their talent, achievements, or celebrity status, they just aren’t treated the same as the Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s of the world.“[Tyler said to Monique] When he said ‘I was shocked to know what y’all quotes are. Henson’s quote is and what Octavia [Spencer’s] quote is. I then said, ‘Well Tyler, you’re in the position to pay us fairly.

See the quotes you gave us, they were right, but that’s what our white sisters are getting.

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